Hut Eight
Hut8, a digital development company, has been making waves in the event industry by delivering high-quality digital engagement for its clients.

During the Airmic and Biba events, Hut8 has worked with clients such as AON, Swiss Re, Sompo, and more to create engaging and interactive digital experiences for attendees.

The result has not only increased foot traffic to the clients’ stands but also allowed them to capture valuable data for marketing purposes. By leveraging technology gamification and interactive displays, Hut8 has helped its clients stand out in a crowded and competitive event space.

What’s more, Hut8’s approach is not just about driving engagement during the event itself. They understand the importance of creating a lasting impact and have developed post-event strategies to keep attendees engaged long after the event has ended.

Overall, Hut8’s innovative approach to digital engagement has proven to be a game-changer for their clients in the insurance industry. By delivering unique and memorable experiences, they have helped their clients achieve their business goals and stand out from the crowd.